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YYS, as a professional paper reel cutting machine manufacturer, supply paper roll cutting machine and paper slitting machines, which are widely used in cutting corrugated roll paper, wormed roll paper, soaked roll paper with different width, speed and efficiency. On-site roll paper processing service is also provided as long as you demand. You're alwalys welcome to visit our factory!

Paper trimmer

Paper trimmer is the newest equipment applied to paper cutting on the market. It allows you to trim the paper to your exact measurements. Professional rotary paper trimmer is capable of cutting from the thinnest, film, flexible sheet materials and paper, up to the heaviest poster board.

Designed for safety and accuracy, the cutting blades are encased in a plastic housing that virtually eliminates the chance of personal injury. The rotary action allows the blade to cut in either direction and sharpen itself as it cuts. It's this self-sharpening action that produces a clean burr-free cut and guarantees many years of smooth precise cutting.


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