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Sawdust Baler Machine

We offer the sawdust baler machine adopts blade cutting, high-speed airflow impact, and double crushing functions in one body, and can complete the micro-material sorting process at the same time. During the cutting and crushing process of the blade, the rotor generates high-speed airflow, which rotates with the cutting direction of the blade, and the material is accelerated in the airflow, and the repeated impact causes the material to be double crushed at the same time, and the crushing rate of the material is accelerated.

Sawdust Baler For Sale

Advantages of Sawdust Baler Machine

  • Operation easily
  • Friendly to the factory Enviroment
  •  Resource recycling
The sawdust baler machine is mainly composed of chipping device, crushing device and fan. The whole set of equipment is driven by only one motor, with simple structure, compact layout, cheap price, stable work, low energy consumption, high output, good quality of finished wood chips, and low processing cost.

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