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Among all of the advantages, one decisive plus point exists: YYS Service.

We offer professional pre-sale service, produce qualified machines and have an after-sale service system. We seriously take care of customers' requirements and are committed to helping our customers in the best way. Equipped with enthusiastic and professional technical support and service teams and rich on-site operation experience, YYS Machinery will be your best choice.

Pre-sale Service

  • Inquiry and Consulting Support

    Customer’s requirement is our first priority. We provide reliable, fast and professional service through telephone, network or on-site for you at any time.

  • Visiting Our Factory

    All customers and friends are warmly welcomed to our factory for visit and business negotiations.

  • OEM Service

    We customize your machines based on your special requirements.

OEM Service Process

After-sale Service

  • Best Loading Solution

    We arrange the best loading solution for machines to protect them from the normal handling of cargo experiences during international transit.

  • Installation and Operation Training

    Drawing size and operating instructions of machines will be delivered together with goods. We can send engineers to customers' plants for installation, commissioning and technical training.

  • Maintenance Support

    The maintenance instructions and on-line guidance will be offered to our customers.

  • Warranty for Spare Parts

    During the warranty, we offer new spare parts for replacement freely, excluding those damaged due to improper operation.

  • Continuous Customer Support 

    Continuous customer support will be always with you. Customers can get professional technical advice, as well as the relevant information regarding all products and services from our technical team.

Best Loading SolutionInstallation and Operation Training

Equipment Installation

We provide door-to-door installation service, as well as the training courses to your operators. For example, we can dispatch engineers to your plant for commissioning and training. Only 2-5 days is required if you already put the machine in the right place and finish the electric connection etc. You only have to take care of the round trip air tickets, visa fee, local transportation, food and accommodation for our engineers.

We have a professional after-sales team and we own rich on-site operation experience, which will be your best choice.

Equipment Installation
Site Installation
Site Installation


Maintenance Detail-1
  • 1

    Need to fill machine oil regularly in the SWLJWM for every 10 working days.

  • 2

    Confirm the direction of the roll paper before cutting,pay attention to adjust the levelness of machine.

  • 3

    Check the Fan’s collecting dust bag is fastened or not, before turning on the machine.

  • 4

    Clean the dust of the internal regularly for the bag, in order to avoid the effect of dust collection.

Maintenance Detail-7
  • 5

    Check the Hydraulic section regularly, to find out whether there is an oil leakage phenomenon.

  • 6

    Check all the screws regularly, to find out whether there is screw loosened.

  • 7

    Fill the machine oil in the chain section regularly.

  • 8

    Pay attention to the gears box, whether there is oil leakage phenomenon. Amount of added, if have.

Maintenance Detail-8
  • 9

    Please do not open the control box door randomly. (There still have the electricity after turning off the power, voltage: above 380v.)

  • 10

    When the machine is in working, Please keep away for Non-staff.

  • 11

    In the maintenance process, please make sure that machine has cut off the power.

  • 12

    Please do not place your hand between the rolling paper and roller, avoid getting involved. Please keep away from the blade, when the machine is running.

  • 13

    The blade needs to be sharped after cutting 500 times, if or not, it will be on fire and billowing smoke.

The instruction of the above, please combined with the interpretation of the site installation person, and operate reasonably.


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