Several issues that should be considered when choosing an industrial paper cutting machine

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Usually when choosing a paper cutter, there will always be some problems. YYS Machinery will explain to you several problems when choosing an industrial paper cutting machine, so that you can help you when choosing a paper cutter.


1. Mechanical structure

The earliest mechanical paper cutter adopts a single guide rail structure, which is relatively simple in structure and convenient for debugging and maintenance. However, the cutting accuracy is poor, and it cannot meet the requirements of high-level printing for paper cutting accuracy, and it cannot meet the medium and high-end packaging and printing products. Quotations of required materials.


In the 1950s and 1960s, Italian and then East German machinery manufacturers began to produce dual-rail paper cutters with integrated platforms without grooves. Later, the printing technology was gradually replaced by the dovetail groove structure of West Deborah.

  Industrial Paper Cutting Machine

The industrial paper cutting machine of the double guide rail structure is very troublesome in adjusting the accuracy, and the price of replacing the guide rail after wear is more expensive. The adjustment accuracy of the paper cutter with dovetail groove structure is simple and convenient. Once wear occurs during use, only the plug iron needs to be replaced to print technology. Therefore, when choosing a paper cutter, you should decide whether to choose a paper cutter with a double rail structure or a paper cutter with a dovetail structure according to the actual situation of the product you want to process.


2. safety

Paper cutters are different from other mechanical products. Safety is the most important issue in the purchase and use of paper cutters. Therefore, when choosing a paper cutter, a printing plant must focus on the safety and reliability of the paper cutter. . For example, whether the paper cutter of the paper cutter has an anti-falling device; whether a fully enclosed safety cover is installed at the moving parts to prevent accidental breakage of the parts and cause personal injury; whether there is an electronic control system during the operation of the paper cutter Etc. To prompt the safety zone in Central China.


3. Work efficiency and cutting accuracy

The efficiency and cutting accuracy of the paper cutter is an aspect of printing technology that printing companies consider more when choosing a paper cutter. In this regard, the microcomputer program-controlled paper cutter is superior to the ordinary paper cutter printing market.


The pushers of mechanical paper cutters and hydraulic paper cutters are controlled by buttons and hand wheels during forward and backward operations. In comparison, the operator's labor intensity is relatively high and the efficiency is low. Equipment consumables. The program-controlled paper cutter optimizes the cutting process to improve the work efficiency of the central printing.

  Industrial Paper Cutting Machine

While improving work efficiency, users also require the fastest cutting speed to cut paper with higher dimensional accuracy. Therefore, the current domestically produced advanced paper cutters have adopted the most advanced ball screws in the world. Linear bearing printing technology. It is characterized by smooth transmission, high positioning accuracy, greatly reduced cumulative error, no need to adjust the movement gap after long-term use, and eliminates the use of ordinary guide rails for a period of time, which affects cutting accuracy due to different levels of guide rail wear. Printed in the middle of the question.


4. After sales service

When choosing a paper cutter, you should also pay attention to the comprehensive evaluation of the manufacturer’s after-sales service, and an extended comparison of the quality of the manufacturer’s products. A good manufacturer will definitely consider whether it can be distributed in the after-sales service network. So that customers can get satisfactory service and technical support in the shortest time. The service quality from pre-sale, during-sale to after sale is a concrete manifestation of the comprehensive capabilities of paper cutter manufacturers.


Finally, I hope our explanation can help you. If you want to choose a suitable industrial paper cutting machine, you can contact us.


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