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A Guide to Produce Thermal Paper Roll

Production of thermal rolls has long been seen as a small manufacturing business, but the fact is, the thermal roll business is very lucrative and will enable you to acquire your return on investment quickly and easily. In this article we will show you how to produce the thermal rolls.


It Takes 3 Steps to Produce Thermal Paper Rolls


Principle: Use the slitting & rewinding machine to cut the jumbo paper rolls into the small thermal roll sizes you want.


Materials You Need:


jumbo thermal roll

one forklift

slitting & rewinding machine

one experienced worker


Producing Process:

1. Lifting the Jumbo Roll:

You can use a forklift or some other mechanical equipment to lift the jumbo rolls onto the slitting machine. The common jumbo roll sizes are:

· 405mm x 6000m

· 558mm x 5900m

· 565mm x 6000m

· 636mm x 6000m

· Choose the correct jumbo roll sizes according to the small roll sizes you want (for example, if you want to produce 80mm width thermal roll, you can use the 405mm, 558mm, or 636mm width jumbo roll. If you want to produce 57mm width thermal roll size, you need to use a 565mm jumbo roll. Yes, make sure the jumbo roll size and small roll size are divided exactly).

thermal Jumbo-Roll.webp

2. Adjusting the Blade

 In this step, we will adjust the blade distance to be 79mm. Please note the distance should be exactly 79mm, not 80mm, since the actual roll size is smaller than the marked size. For example, if you have an Epson printer that uses 80mm rolls, then your actual roll width will be 79mm to make sure the rolls run smoothly through the mechanism.

blades on the slitting machine.webp

3. Turn on the Slitting Machine

Be sure the jumbo roll is stable in the shaft, and then you can start the engine. The machine will automatically cut the 405mm jumbo roll into 5 separate 79mm pieces. Keep an eye on the digital counter to monitor the length of the rolls. When it approaches 75m, slow down the machine speed, since the rolls will be nearly 80mm in diameter. All these operations should be handled by experienced workers.

 thermal paper roll slitting machine.webp

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