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Base paper boosters pneumatic and electric which is more practical as a power source

The choice of base paper booster depends on your specific application scenario and needs. Here are some points of comparison between electric and pneumatic base paper boosters:

1) The advantages of electric base paper booster: the use of motor drive, power supplement by charging, easy to use, no need to switch on the air source, with stable output power and durable use time, especially suitable for long-term efficient use of the occasion. Disadvantages: There may be battery life problems, require regular charging, and in some environments may not be as stable as the pneumatic type.

2) Advantages of pneumatic base paper booster: The use of air source as a power source, with a high thrust, especially in the case of high strength thrust in a short period of time. Disadvantages: The air source needs to be connected to normal use, and if the air source is insufficient or unstable, it may lead to insufficient thrust. In addition, the maintenance and installation of pneumatic systems can be relatively complex.

3) Summary If your production requires the efficient use of base paper boosters for a long time, or you want to reduce air consumption and reduce costs, then rechargeable base paper boosters may be a better choice. If your production requires high-intensity thrust operations in a short period of time, then pneumatic base paper boosters may better meet the needs.

When choosing, you should also consider factors such as the type of pulp, the specifications of the paper machine and the production needs. For example, if the pulp concentration is high, more powerful propulsion may be required; If the paper machine is larger, more powerful boosters may be required; If production demand is high, more efficient boosters may be required.

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