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Car saw machine door cutting paper processing service precautions

Attention for On-Site Cutting Service of In-Vehicle Paper Cutter

As a professional in-vehicle paper cutter service provider, Kunshan Youyuan Sheng Machinery Co., Ltd would like to point out some key attention items for customers to ensure a smooth and safe on-site cutting service.

1. Safety First

Before the on-site service begins, it is essential to make sure the work environment is safe. Clear the ground of any obstacles and debris to prevent accidents while using the machine. Do not cut paper with staples or metal pieces, which will damage the blade, hurt the operator, or even cause the machine to malfunction.

2. Proper Paper Specification

Customers should provide the correct paper specification, such as paper thickness, size, and material, before the on-site cutting service. This information ensures correct adjustments to the machine, so that the paper is cut neatly and accurately. Incorrect specification may cause unsatisfactory cutting results or even damage to the blade.

3. Collaborative Work

During the on-site service, our technicians may need customers’ assistance to ensure that the in-vehicle paper cutter is properly installed and fixed on the vehicle stably. Additionally, our technicians will need access to the power source of the vehicle and good lighting to achieve accurate cutting. Collaborative work between the customer and our technicians ensures efficiency and a successful output.

4. Accurate Calculation

Before the cutting service, the customer needs to calculate how much paper is needed, so that our technicians can prepare the necessary cutting tools and blades accordingly. It also prevents any potential wastage or additional fees incurred due to unexpected request of additional paper cutting.

Kunshan Youyuan Sheng Machinery Co., Ltd. is dedicated to providing high-quality and convenient services to our customers. We strive to ensure a safe and productive on-site cutting service experience for all parties involved.

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