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Causes of blackening of blade surface after cutting by paper saw machine

The blackening of the blade surface is usually due to the high temperature generated by the friction between the blade and the material during the high-speed rotary cutting process, resulting in the oxidation or ablation of the blade material. If the strength of the saw plate is not enough to effectively resist the swing when rotating at high speed, the blade will encounter resistance when cutting it will be easier to swing the friction material, resulting in serious blade heating, forming a vicious cycle, the blade will become more and more pendulum, the friction will become larger and larger, and eventually lead to the blade surface blackening.

The causes of blackening of the blade surface after cutting by the paper saw machine may include the following:

1) Insufficient strength of the saw board: If the strength of the saw plate is not enough to resist the swing of the high-speed rotation, it will cause the saw blade to swing the friction material during the cutting process, generating a lot of heat, which will lead to the saw blade heating seriously, forming a vicious cycle, making the saw blade more and more swinging, friction and eventually lead to the blade surface blackening.

2) Saw tooth wear: if the saw blade is no longer sharp, and the feeding speed and speed are still very fast, the saw blade can not cut the fiber within the effective time, which is easy to cause the pinch saw, the saw plate deformation, resulting in serious swing, resulting in black blade surface.

3) Cutting fluid problem: If the cutting fluid used is not suitable or poor quality, it may corrode the saw blade, resulting in blackening of the blade surface.

4) Paper characteristics: the elasticity of the paper itself and the friction and heat generated during the cutting process may also lead to gelatinization or blackening of the paper end face.

In order to solve these problems, you should regularly check that the blade installation of the paper saw machine is stable, ensure the table and balance, check that the spindle is tight, and avoid motor overload. If the blade is worn, replace it with a new one. If the above measures still cannot solve the problem, it may be necessary to further check the internal structure of the paper saw machine, find out the specific cause of the failure, and make corresponding repairs and adjustments.

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