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Comparison of Advantages of Paper Cutting Machine And Paper Rewinding Machine

YYS is a professional company specializing in the production of cutting machines for the packaging industry. Different products have unique advantages and performance.


Below I will analyze the advantages of paper cutting machine and paper rewinding machine for you.

1. The paper cutting machine cuts the whole roll quickly, increasing the speed by 3 times. Without considering the strength of the original paper, a roll can be cut quickly in 3-5 minutes. The traditional paper rewinding machine needs to rewind the paper, which is easy to break if it is not well controlled.


2. The paper cutting machine reduces the loss of base paper, and the yield is over 99%. For base paper with a diameter of 1.25m-1.5m, the normal cutting loss per roll is only 10-15kg, but if the paper rewinding machine rewinds, the loss is about 50kg or even more if the technology is not good.


3. Reduce the trimming loss of the paper rewinding machine, the whole roll can be used directly after quick cutting, the cutting surface is smooth and flat, and the accuracy is 1 mm. In traditional paper rewinding machine, it is difficult to avoid the phenomenon of uneven paper edges, wrinkles and tight edges in the middle of the paper.


4. The YYS paper cutting machine cuts the whole roll at high speed, and the cutting time is only 20% of the high speed paper rewinding machine.

 paper cutting machine

5. The cutting surface of YYS paper cutting machine is smooth and flat, with an accuracy of 1 mm.


6. YYS paper cutting machine has a wide processing range. Soaked paper that cannot be directly rewinded by the paper rewinding machine, broken paper, wrinkled base paper with elastic edges, insect bite and sticky edge paper can all be cut directly without rewinding.


7. The fast cutting of the paper cutting machine will not increase the number of joints of the paper roll, and it will inevitably be broken when using the paper rewinding machine. The number of joints depends on the quality of the paper rewinding machine and the technical level of the operators.


8. YYS provides complete machine customization. The largest customized model can meet the original paper width of 10 meters, and the roll diameter of 2.2 meters can be easily cut and quickly cut, even if the unilateral trim is 10mm, it can be completely trimmed. Traditional paper rewinding machine cannot achieve secondary rewinding.


9. The YYS paper cutter is easy to operate, and one employee can operate it. YYS paper cutting machine has a small footprint, (LWH): 5500 2500 2500MM, which is only half of the footprint of the paper rewinding machine. The paper cutting machine can be installed on the ground level, and can be used after power on, without the need for foundation foundation.


The traditional paper rewinding machine needs to do the foundation, the debugging operation is cumbersome, it needs 3-4 people to operate, and the later maintenance cost is high.


The whole roll of raw paper rolls such as soaking edge, insect bite, large size, special size, etc., imported/domestic cow cardboard, corrugated paper, white paper and other roll paper are all within the processing range. Need any kind of paper cutter, as long as you put forward your requirements like us, we will work out for you a product that suits you and satisfies you.


Kunshan Youyuansheng Machinery Co., Ltd. has a paper slitting machine factory with a good environment. We are focused on equipment design and development, production and sales.

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