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Corrugated Board and Boxes Increasing Demand to Corrugated Paper Roll Cutting Machine Manufacturers

For most of Corrugated Paper Roll Cutting Machine Manufacturers,Corrugated Board and Boxes Increasing Demand will be a great market potential which need to be seized.YYS,as a professionals in manufacturing corrugated paper roll machines,slitting machines will try our best to step with the market trends and provide high-tech and quality paper slitting machines to all customers in packing industry.


Paper and paper products are versatile industrial raw materials with a wide variety of application in this era and due to shortage of softwood, wooden packing cases are more and more replaced with corrugated board- boxes and cartons. As more and more materials are coming in paper packing, availability of raw materials are also on the increase. Thus recycling of waste paper is in demand, which can be used to produce products like paperboards, binding sheets, sweet box cartons and other packing cartons.

corrugated paper box for shipping.webp


80% of industrial packaging is done by carton boxes due to effective cushioning, light weight, easy to fabricate, easy for storing, easy for disposal, no strapping necessary, printing and advertising advantages, must in export market, recyclable etc.


 Corrugated board boxes are used in different area of packing in goods such as: Breweries, Glass wares, Cigarettes, Pharmaceuticals, Biscuits, Milk & Milk products, Soaps, Cosmetics, Tea & Coffee, Hosiery, shoe & footwear industry, toys etc.,


Corrugated boxes and boards are made by corrugated paper roll cutting machines, The process of manufacturing boxes or containers constitutes five operations.

        i)         Slitting and Longitudinal Cutting
        ii)        Creasing
        iii)       Slotting
        iv)       Flap or Corner Cutting
        v)        Stitching
After passing the sheet through these operations, a box or container is ready, slitting and creasing operations can simultaneously by carried over a 4 bar rotary cutting and creasing machine. The trimmed and creased sheet is slotted and flap cut on an Eccentric Slotted Machine. Finally, it is either stitched over a stitching machine or glued/taped manually.

For partition boxes the half slotted boards are used which can conveniently be produced over a partition spotter machines.


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