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Grand Gathering-China Corrugated Festival in Wuhan

In 2017, a totally new concept has came out in the corrugated packaging industry2017 China International Corrugated Festival & US carton color box industry procurement conference! This event is an innovative activity form that is  derived from the concept of "heritage, integration, innovation, and transcendence".Playing an vital role in corrugated paper roll to roll manufacturing,YYS is really honored to be the witness of this big event.

This is a communicative and cooperative event for the whole corrugated industry.As a professional paper roll cutting machine manufacturer,YYS has met not only our customers but also a lot of industrial colleagues.From them we know the industrial development trend and high manufacturing technology.

2017 China Corrugated Festival is a pioneering work for the whole industry,so there is not only trade expo for those exhibitors,but also a series of activities to know deeply about this industry,like Theme Forum for industrial participants.

YYS has brought our universal type of paper reel cutting machine.This product are widely used in paper mill, packaging and printing factory.It looks same as normal sitter, but no need rewinder, which save time.Not only can used in your factory for cut different width paper rolls, but also can provide on-site roll paper cutting processing services, This machine can cut the paper rolls which is soaked, wormed,bigger or special specification according to customer demands, also including the kraft paper, corrugated paper, white card etc.

Customers at Sino-Corrugated Expo Wuhan.webp

If you have any question about our paper roll cutting machine,please feel free to contact us.

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