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Here Comes New Product: Roll Paper Cutting Machine with Blade

Youyuansheng Manchinery introduces model YYS-BSP65-T1500 Paper Roll Cutting Machine with Blade.

 paper roll cutting machine with blade

This machine is widely used in paper mill, packaging and printing plants. It looks the same as normal sitter, but no needs rewinder, which can save more time. The paper cutting machine not only can be used for cutting different width paper rolls, but also provide on-site roll paper cutting processing services.


YYS-BSP65-T1500 Paper Roll Cutting Machine with Blade is an excellent selection for cutting the kraft paper rolls, corrugated paper rolls, white card etc, even if paper rolls are soaked, wormed, bigger or has special specifications according to customer demands.


Features include:

  • High degree of automation and high operating safety factor;

  • Smooth and perfect cutting surface;

  • Paper recovery rate can be up to 95%;

  • All parts of the machine are durable in use;

  • Good after-sales service and 2-years warranty for machine;

  • Customization is acceptable according to paper roll size.


For more information please contact us at 86-512-5017-2148 or email at admin@yys-machinery.com.

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