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How much is the roller speed suitable for the base paper cutting machine?

The appropriate speed of the roller during operation of the paper cutting machine depends on several factors such as the type and thickness of the paper, the desired cutting precision, and the capacity of the machine. As a leading manufacturer of paper cutting machines, our company, Kunshan Youyuan Sheng Machinery Co., Ltd., recommends that the roller speed should be set between 60-80 meters per minute (m/min) for efficient and precise cutting of various types of paper.

However, it is essential to note that the optimal speed may differ based on the specific machine model and the paper type being cut. Therefore, our company conducts testing and calibration of our paper cutting machines to determine the ideal speed for each model and paper type. Additionally, our machines are equipped with sophisticated sensors that monitor the performance and automatically adjust the roller speed to ensure consistent cutting quality.

High-speed cutting is not always the best option as it may result in uneven cuts or paper jamming. On the other hand, slow speed may reduce productivity, and the machine may not be able to handle high volumes of paper. Our experts recommend that customers contact our customer service team or refer to the machine manual for guidance on setting the appropriate roller speed based on their specific needs.

In addition to the roller speed, several other factors, such as blade sharpness, blade angle, and pressure, affect the cutting quality and speed of the paper cutting machine. These parameters should be regularly checked and adjusted to ensure high-quality cuts, longer machine life, and increased productivity.

In conclusion, the recommended roller speed for the paper cutting machine ranges from 60-80m/min, depending on several factors such as paper type, cutting precision, and machine capacity. Our company provides comprehensive support to our customers in setting optimal parameters and maintaining high-performance paper cutting machines.

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