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How to Choose Reliable Paper Roll Cutting Machine

It is usually a daunting task to make the right choice of a reliable Paper Roll Cutting Machine. This is true, especially for the newbies who have little or no experience of the features of this machine. Sometime, the expertise of an experienced technician may be needed in this case.


However, to make it a simple journey for anyone wishing to buy a paper roll cutting machine, there are essential factors you need to consider.

Let’s look at some of the factors you need to have in mind when choosing a paper roll cutting machine for use in your industry.

Size: the paper roll cutting machine come in different sizes. The different sizes include; 36", 48", 52", 60" and 70". Each Machine Cuts 7 to 10 tonnes material within 24 hours.  So, it is important to know the exact size the will best suit your industry or production needs. Again, the size is very important when considering the storage space for your machine. You need to go for a size is will fit into the space provide for installing the machine.

Speed and efficiency: one of the key features of any industrial machine is the speed. In the case of the paper roll cutting machine, the speed of the cutter is very important. For increased production speed and to achieve general efficiency, you should go for a machine with a cutter that is able to able to cut a roll of 1.60 x 50 m2 in a few minutes. The speed of the cutter is an important factor when considering the production cost. The higher the speed of production, the lesser the production cost, all things being equal.

The type of material: it is also important to consider the type of sheet material to be fed into the system. Different models of the cutting machine would require specific sheet material types. So, care should be taken when making your choice of the paper roll cutting machine.

Again, materials would vary in their thickness. So, be sure to choose a machine that will be compatible with the size of the paper material to be cut. This will help you to achieve the required result and prevent any form of damage to the machine.

Other features of the paper roll cutting machine

It is also important to consider some essential features which make for a good and reliable paper roll cutting machine. Let’s take a look at some vital features and their individual advantages thus:

1. This Machine Can Be With 1 Roll.2roll.4roll Loading System

2. You also need to look out for the Functions of the Frequency Converter Timing Device. Other features include the Automatic Counting and Stop Working. Again, there should also be an integrated Alarm, Magnetic and Powder Tension Control in the system for improved working efficiency. It should also be integrated with a Blower which is important to get rid of waste.

Depending on your convenience you can choose a machine with a vertical cutter.

3. It should also adopt a PLC Touch Screen Control, Servo Motor For Controlling Constant-Length Cutting.

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