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How to define the compression force of the paper foam press

The compression force of the paper foam press refers to the force exerted by the equipment on the waste during the compression process. The selection of the appropriate compression force needs to consider the following factors:

1) Characteristics of the material: including the hardness and shape of the material. For example, soft and loose foam materials require less compression force, while hard structures require greater compression force.

2) The density of the material: The required compression force needs to be determined according to the original density of the material and the expected molding density. If the target density is higher, the corresponding compression force should also be increased.

3) The target density after forming: according to the pressure and heating time generated by the block press to quantitatively achieve the target density. For example, the density of the molded finished product of a particular material is achieved by adjusting the pressure and heating time.

When selecting the compression force, it should also be noted that it is not too large, so as not to cause equipment damage and safety hazards. Different brands and models of paper foam press may have different compression force ranges, should be selected according to actual needs. In addition, the production process may require continuous optimization of equipment parameters to increase production capacity and reduce costs.

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