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How to solve the problem of surface indentation after cutting by base paper trimming machine

Many customers reflect that the surface of the base paper trimming machine after cutting indentation, whether this problem will affect the later process, today we will analyze from the following aspects.

1, check the quality of the base paper: ensure that the base paper does not have the problem of uneven tightness or insufficient edge protection material, which may lead to indentation when the trimming machine works.

2. Inspection and adjustment of trimming knife: Check whether the trimming knife is sharp or worn, and sharpen or replace it if necessary. At the same time, the contact Angle and pressure between the trimming knife and the base paper should be properly adjusted to avoid indentation caused by excessive extrusion.

3. Check and adjust the pressure mechanism: check the pressure mechanism of the trimming machine to ensure that it can provide enough pressure to level the paper surface. If the pressure is insufficient, increase the pressure moderately, but avoid excessive increase, so as not to cause new indentation.

4, maintenance and maintenance: maintain good maintenance and maintenance, including regular cleaning and lubrication work to ensure the normal operating status and performance of the equipment. The trimming machine should be properly preheated and adjusted before production to prevent damage caused by equipment expansion or overheating.

Through the detailed inspection and appropriate adjustment of the above steps, the problem of indentation on the paper surface after the work of the base paper trimming machine can be effectively solved, and the normal work of the paper processing equipment and product quality can be ensured.

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