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Important Types Of Paper Cutting Machine You Should Know

Are you in the paper cutting or printing business? Then, you need a dependable paper cutting machine for perfect finishing for your clients. Over the years, there is an improvement on this machine to suit different tasks.

There are different cutting machines in the market for different purposes. It is essential to know which one will work for you and why. When you get the right paper cutting machine for your task, you are sure of customer satisfaction and quality job delivery.

Read on as we take you through different types of this machine. It will help you to know the right machine for the appropriate task with the highest return on investment.


Basic Types Of Paper Cutting Machine Bottom of Form

Some of the basic types of paper cutting machines are:

· Guillotine paper cutting machine

· Rotary trimmer

· Hydraulic paper cutting machine

· Business card cutting machine


1. Guillotine Paper Cutting Machine

This type of machine is a reliable print shop and office tool that is suitable for quick and precise jobs. It can cut multiple sheets of paper at the same time. Interestingly, the guillotine paper cutter is accurate and safe for operation.

Some of them can cut at least 360 sheets of paper at a stroke. The machine is designed to handle clamps that hold the papers tightly until the stroke cuts the paper precisely.

The operation of the machine is easy and does not require any technical skills to operate it. Working with it makes tasks easy, simple, and fast.


2. Rotary Trimmer

A rotary trimmer is a cutting paper machine that can up to 30 sheets of paper precisely. It is a handy and affordable tool that is suitable for print shops and home offices. It can cut straight edges of sheets of paper fast.

The rotary trimmer is suitable to place on a tabletop. It is essential to secure the machine firmly on the table before use. Interestingly, it can also cut PVC, plastic films, and vinyl.

The machine is simple to use and requires little or no maintenance. It also has self-sharpening structures that do not require complex technical skills to know before use.

 paper cutting machine

3. Hydraulic Paper Cutting Machine

This machine is suitable for cutting a large volume of paper at a time. Some features make the use of the machine safe and easy. With the current technology, the machine is programmable and automated.

It can cut different sheets of paper to meet the requirements of the customer. The maintenance of the machine is hassle-free and relatively easy.


4. Business Card Cutting Machine

We have machines that are suitable for cutting business cards. The machines are both manual and automatic. The automatic ones are programmed to carry out preset work and finish large amounts at once.

The machine is affordable and suitable for print shops and offices that require tools for cutting business cards after printing.


Contact Us For Quality Paper Cutting Machines

A quality machine is an essential tool to cut papers efficiently. There are different machines for different purposes.

As a reputable manufacturer, we produce quality paper cutting machines that meet the requirements of our clients. Kindly contact us for a quality machine. Click here to view our products. 

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