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Paper Manufacture—Winder and Slitter

The winder is a device that receives the large reels off the paper machine and slits the paper into smaller widths while rewinding it onto smaller rolls for shipping to customers or for further conversion within the paper mill. The slitters cut the paper into narrower rolls during rewinding. Sharp circular knives for trimming reels into rolls are called slitter knives. Winders are used to transform the parent reels coming from a paper or board machine by longitudinal slitting of the web into narrower rolls adapted in diameter for downstream processing. The size of the “shipping roll” is determined by the end use, generally referred to as the converting process. Examples are printing presses, corrugating machines, bag machines, sheeters etc.


Slitting and rewinding process

Paper slitting and rewinding process has remained a vital part of every paper processing industry around the world, as it has a direct impact on the quality of the end paper product. Various slitting methods, winding techniques, and tension control mechanisms for the web have been developed and successfully implemented for maximizing the efficiency of the process and the edge quality of the cut paper.



The slitting stage is where the actual separation of the web into multiple smaller slits occurs. From the winding stage, the unwound continuous web of paper is passed through a series of spreading rollers and through the slitter head. The slitter head is made up of a series of either rotating knives or razors, and it does the cutting of the web. The desired slit widths are adjusted manually or automatically depending on the type of machine being used by varying the locations of the knives on the slitter head. Before the slitter head are rollers to straighten the sheet for ensuring good quality cuts.

From the slitter head, the slits are rewound onto smaller cores on the rewind stand to the desired diameter. Various factors such as the type of material being wound and the desired hardness of the final roll determine the type of winder to be used under the given conditions. The rollers which are after the slitter head keep the slit sections separate as they enter the winding and prevent the sheet from weaving back and forth between adjacent rolls in the roll set.

These are methods used to effect separation of the large machine-width web into multiple webs of smaller breath. The method which gives the cleanest cut depends on the characteristics of the material. The common slitting techniques are razor slitting, shear slitting, and score slitting.


What YYS can provide

· Thermal Paper Slitting/slitter Machine

This automatic paper roll cutting machinery can cut different width paper rolls and provide on-site roll paper cutting processing services. It is widely used in paper mill, packaging, and printing factory for cutting the paper rolls which are soaked, wormed, bigger or special specification according to customer demands, also including the kraft paper, corrugated paper, white card, etc.


About us

Kunshan Youyuansheng Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional company which specializes in producing cutting machine for the packaging industry, we are focused on equipment design and development, production and sales. Our factory is located in Kunshan City, Jiangsu province, having the superior advantages of geographical position, which only 50 kilometers to Shanghai port, also very near to Ningbo port. If you are looking for a reliable merchandise of paper slitting machines, please contact us now!

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