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Paper Roll Cutting Machine And Its Functions

Paper Roll Cutting Machine is the best machine to cut down the sheets of paper in a specific size. The manufacturers are using the latest technological innovation in this equipment. Because of this latest technological innovation, the equipment can easily satisfy the wants of precision, efficiency, and protection. Trimming tasks are important in the printing industry. The price of this paper cutting machine depends on its specifications and features.

Paper Roll Cutting Machine manufacturers are working on the specifications of this equipment. They are using such devices in this equipment that can increase their efficiency. The automatic option is also incorporated in the latest machinery. 

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Paper Roll Cutting Machine And Its Functions

Paper Roll Cutting Machine can cut down the big rolls into small rolls of paper. It can also cut down the paper rolls into specific paper sizes. The workers have to adjust a big roll into the machine. The working principle of this equipment is understandable. There is a big roll on the still shaft. It is connected with the magnetic brake for consistent tension. There are two rubber rollers present in it for the traction and trimming into diverse rolls by trimming system. The guide rollers are also present in it to the still shaft A and B.

If you are interested in a detailed explanation of Kraft paper cutter functions then no problem! We are going to explain its functions as follows:

1. Transmission And Rack System

The transmission and rack system is present in this machine. There are two side wall plates present in the rack which are known as spreader and unwind stand. On the other hand, the transmission system has been designed for the big roll traction. It is controlled by the inverter motor.

2. Tension Device And Rewind System

There is a shaft rotation which is handled by one motor. There is a magnetic clutch current which is used for the modification of the shaft tension. Moreover, there is a rewind mechanical system which has been made from the wheel, air expanding shaft, and chain.

3. Traction Part

This part has been made up of two pieces of traction rubber rollers. These rollers are motor-driven.

4. Cutting Bracket

There are two types of cutting brackets present in this paper reel cutting machine. One is known as the scissor type slitting, and the other is called disc type slitting.

5. Automatic Rectifying System

The automatic rectifying system has been made up from the rectifying guide roller, photoelectric switch, ball nut, rectifying moving plate and synchronous motor.

Paper Roll Cutting Machine Features

When it comes to the features, then there are numerous features of this paper roll cutter. At the moment, we are going to explain these features as follows:

• It can accurately cut down the sheets of paper.

• Its versatility is extraordinary due to which it is ideal for the packaging line.

• This machine is extremely efficient.

• It has an automatic turn ON and Turns OFF option.

• The design of this machine is sturdy.

• This machine is ideal for trimming and cutting rolls of the double-sided, masking, industrial, foam and single-sided tapes.

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