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Process Description of A Band Saw Machine

Due to emerging and rapid industrialization, the necessity of cutting different forms of materials into various shapes has never been much higher.

Rapid growth and development of metalwork and woodworking industries bring the demand for cutting machines to cut and shape materials such as plastic, wood, metals.

Various cutting machines like the band saw, table saw, hack saw are being manufactured to suit various production techniques.

A band saw is referred to as a mechanized cutting machine in which its saw blade is fused into a continuous loop stretched with two or more wheels for cutting material.

It is a machining tool that has multiple cutting points with the principal function of cutting metal to a required size.

Band saws have the capability to cut circular and irregular shapes similar to the jigsaw.

During cutting action, the workpiece is held at a standstill while it's being cut by the saw blade.

The cutting blade may come in different sizes and tooth pitches which supports its versatility and ability to cut several materials.

Technological advancement has also incorporated the ability to perform contouring operations in addition to creating complex shapes both internally and externally on a workpiece into the band saw.

Generally, band saws offer more power and cutting speed when compared to hack saws. However, hack saws are more affordable and their blades are strong.

Band saw are broadly categorized as vertical and horizontal band saws.

If you desire a fast, efficient, reliable, and cost-effective band saw for your production process, endeavor to patronize a renowned manufacturer.


Description Of Process

Fundamentally, all band saws have a similar working process. The extended saw blade is firmly fused and welded into circular loops which move continuously along numerous drives/pulleys.

As stated earlier, band saws are categorized according to their orientation of cut.

o Vertical band saws

 They are mostly used for cut-off, contouring, or slotting operations.

 The workpiece is firmly fixed on a work table or a power table while the vertical band saw is being operated.

 o Horizontal band saws

Band saws that have a horizontal orientation are exclusively used as alternatives to hacksaws for cut-off operations. They are also described as cut-off saws.

Many accessories do occasionally also come with the saw. Nearly all saws contain a blade welder to link the double ends of the saw blade loop.

Since a huge amount of heat is produced, heavy-duty saws require a cooling system in order to increase the cutting life of the blade.

At times an air pump is located near the path of cut for blowing chips away for better visibility of its operator.

saw machine 

Safety Precautions In Operating The Band Saw

ü Do not apply excessive force when pushing the material past the blade or when pulling the material from the blade.

ü Do not attempt to stop the motion of the cutting blade by shoving material against the side of the blade.

ü Never attempt to remove chips or cuttings by hand while cutting is ongoing. Always use a brush.

ü Do not back the material away from the cutting blade in action whenever it clings and pinches on the blade.

ü Never abandon the saw running unattended. Endeavor to turn off the power and ensure the machine has stopped running before leaving the workspace.


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