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The control and setting method of CNC band saw paper cutter

CNC band saw cutting machine is an efficient and accurate equipment, it can quickly and accurately cut a variety of materials, such as paper rolls, roll materials, wood, plastic, soft metal, etc. In the furniture manufacturing industry, it can be used to cut sheets to improve production efficiency and precision.

In the use of CNC band saw cutting machine, the first need to set the cutting part, according to the type of cutting material, thickness and hardness and other characteristics of the cutting components for reasonable setting. For example, parameters such as pitch, blade thickness and shape of the cutting head need to be adjusted appropriately according to the material characteristics.

Secondly, it is necessary to set the cutting parameters, which include cutting speed, speed, cutting depth, etc. Different materials and different thicknesses require different cutting parameters. When setting cutting parameters, the wear and energy consumption of the cutting head should be minimized while ensuring cutting quality and efficiency.

Finally, you need to program and control the system Settings. According to the requirement of cutting, programming software is used to write the cutting program. In the control system, the stability and accuracy of the CNC band saw cutting machine should be guaranteed.

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