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The Recent Recovery Of The European Paper Production Will Enhance More Machine Export For YYS

It won't be breaking news that the novel Corona virus has gone a long way to change the way people all over the world buy things.


This is evident in the spike in online shopping, which has also led to an increase in the demand for packaging paper.


Consequent to all these changes caused by the pandemic, there is a drastic drop in the supply of cartons, especially around the UK, and the availabilities of resources for recycling is also experiencing similar challenges.


Take for instance, in the UK, the extension of the lockdown as a result of the pandemic has also led to online shipping becoming more common among people.


Resulting from this, even the smallest things as a potted plant, or even a large item such as bicycles are being packaged and delivered to customers using packaging papers.

 paper roll cutting machine

As a matter of fact, many sellers of packaging paper have confirmed that they cannot meet the demand on packaging paper due to the increase in its demands.


And in extreme cases, some dealers in wine and other retail products have no choice than to extend their delivery time all in a bid to ensure that they have adequate packaging paper to meet their customers'need.

According to Simon Ellin who is the CEO of the British Recycling Association"when people go to buy toys in stores, they usually go with a bag to carry them, but that is not the case today because a buyer buying 5 different toys will receive them in 5 different packaging carton on delivery."


Similarly, according to a staff in a carton company resident in Birmingham, UK, workers have to work extra time in other to meet online orders for packaging paper.


Adding further, the staff confirmed that about 3 large trucks completes up to 6 times of receiving and delivering cartons to clients, and despite all of these, the demand on packaging paper still can’t be met by the company.


Adding further, the staff confirmed that the company has more orders at hand than it can deliver within the expected time frame.


With this, the staff stated that the current market demand on the company is really overwhelming as the supply is really limited, and this also makes their product delivery to customers to be delayed.


Well, the reason for all of these is in part due to the fact that most of the raw materials required for the production of packaging cartons here in the UK are usually sourced from the Netherlands as well as from Germany.


Because of these, a drastic drop of about 20% in the quantity of paper available for packaging products in Europe was observed in year 2020, and the entire European market was also noted to experience a huge shortage in supply.

 paper roll cutting machinr

Nevertheless, there is a light of hope in the new year 2021, especially as the British Paper Industry Federation is hoping that with the recent recovery of paper production in Europe in 2021, as well as the opening up of borders across countries, the supply of raw materials for the production of packaging paper is expected to stabilize and return back to normalcy.


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