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Tips in the use of base paper cutting saw

In the use of base paper cutting saw, many customers will ask the installation master, there are some boot tips can share. Today Xiaobian will tell you some tips to help improve efficiency and safety.

1, equipment inspection: before starting up, carefully check whether the various parts and connection points of the equipment are firm and stable, no abnormal sound, and all parts are oily. Ensure that the cutting blade is sharp and free of rust, and the cutting surface is free of debris.

2, safe operation: During the cutting process, maintain a safe distance to avoid hand contact with the cutting surface. Do not force paper or cardboard into or out of the cutting hole, but use auxiliary tools. If the cutting sound is abnormal or there is an odor, stop the operation immediately.

3. Post-shutdown treatment: After the operation, turn off the power supply of the equipment and remove the residue in the cutting mouth to prevent damage to the cutting edge. Clean the machine and carry out necessary repairs and maintenance to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

4, preparation before use: according to the processing requirements, prepare the drum core in advance, and the cutting drum is placed on the drum base, and the location of each drum is reasonably arranged. Press the slide button on the tool bed, adjust the lower tool so that the edge is aligned with the core tube on the drum, and then lock the tool. The upper tool shaft should be properly adjusted to keep the depth of the upper and lower tools within the appropriate range.

Following these tips can help you use your base paper cutting saws more safely and efficiently, extend the life of your equipment, and increase your productivity.

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