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What are the reasons for the insufficient pressure of the automatic paper saw machine?

There can be several reasons why a fully-automatic paper cutting machine experiences low pressure. In many cases, it could be mechanical problems or issues with the hydraulic system. Let us explore the common reasons that result in low pressure in a paper cutting machine.

1. Worn-out pump: In many cases, the low pressure in a paper cutting machine can be due to a worn-out pump. The pump is responsible for providing the needed hydraulic pressure to operate the machine. Over time, the pump may become worn and unable to deliver the necessary pressure required for efficient operation.

2. Leaking hydraulic lines: Another reason for low pressure in fully automatic paper cutting machines is leaking hydraulic lines. The hydraulic lines frequently develop leaks, which impacts the pressure and flow of hydraulic fluid to the machine.

3. Clogged filter: A clogged filter can obstruct the hydraulic oil flow, leading to low pressure. A filter replacement can resolve the problem in most cases.

4. Insufficient oil level: If the machine is low on hydraulic oil, this can lead to low pressure. Refill the hydraulic oil reservoir to improve the machine’s performance.

5. Damaged hydraulic cylinder: Damage to the hydraulic cylinder can cause low pressure in the machine. A damaged cylinder should be addressed to resolve the low-pressure problem.

6. Improper valve adjustment: The machine’s valves may not be adjusted correctly, leading to low pressure. An experienced technician can adjust the valves to ensure optimal performance.

In conclusion, several factors contribute to low pressure in fully automatic paper cutting machines. Regular inspections by experienced technicians, diligent upkeep and maintenance, and prompt repairs can help prevent issues that cause low pressure. As a company, we strive to ensure that our machines are of the highest quality, and we provide excellent after-sales service to guarantee customer satisfaction.

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