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What Is Roll Slitting Machine

Overview of Roll Slitting

The term “roll slitting” refers to a shearing operation in which a machine — known as a slitter — cuts rolls of raw material to make them smaller and narrower. It begins by taking a large roll of raw material — known as a master roll — and running it through the slitter. The slitter contains blades that, when exposed to the master roll, cut material off the sides. When the master roll comes out of the slitter, it will feature a smaller and narrower shape.


Benefits of Roll Slitting

Roll slitting offers several benefits. For starters, it supports a variety of materials. Most materials can be reshaped using roll slitting. Plastic, paper and even adhesive tape can all be reshaped using roll slitting. Of course, this shearing operation also supports metals and alloys as well. For metals and alloys, blades typically aren’t used with roll slitting. Instead, roll slitting is performed on metals and alloys using an alternative cutting method that involves compressing the master roll between two cylinders.

Another benefit of roll slitting is the simple fact that it’s fast. Since it’s performed with a slitter machine, it doesn’t require much manual work. Rather, roll slitting is mostly an automated process that allows for faster manufacturing cycles.

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Benefits of Log Slitting vs. Rewind Slitting

Log slitters have the following advantages over rewind slitters:

Make single cuts very fast

Easy to set up

Quick to change logs

One size core to free up warehouse space

One person operation

Can cut adhesive material via wet blade


The role of a slitting machine

The mechanism used for the slitting process is often referred to a slitter, a slitting machine or a slitter rewinder. To put things simply, the main roll of a slitting machine is to convert (slit) papers, film and foil materials so that large rolls of these materials can be cut into narrower rolls.

A slitting machine consists of three main parts; the unwind, the slitter and the rewind. By feeding a large roll of your chosen material through the slitter’s unwind, your material will then unwound, be slit into various widths before being rewound into cores of various widths.

A good example to portray the slitting process in everyday life would be when using an ATM machine. The receipts that you receive from an ATM machine were originally part of a master roll, however after going through the slitting process they are divided into many smaller rolls, which are eventually used to supply a receipt for your transaction.


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