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What type of steel are circular saw blades made of?

The circular saw blades can cut corrugated paper; kraft paper; paper tube; honeycomb paper. paper, paper pipes, roll of paper cutting special saw blade use special material qualitative, special processing technology processing, use sawblade cutting than traditional bandsaw, circular points, such as cutting knife cut way with the abrasion resistance is strong, cutting of high efficiency, cutting edge, section,clean, smooth, no late surface polishing, has obvious benefits and economic value.

circular saw blade

If the saw blade is the cutting material, then it is probably HSS (M2 high speed steel) or just carbon steel, depending on the materials it was designed to cut.  For saws where the steel is not the cutting material, e.g. tungsten carbide, it may also be HSS, but would probably be something cheaper.  There are also blades where the blade body is carbon steel and the brazed bits are M2.


Cutting paper is a more difficult task than cutting other simple thins, and it‘s accomplished more by abrasion than by removing a relatively large amount of small paper . From the design of a closed motor housing, nature of the material being expelled, shard collection/deflection, and limitations of the blade speed and size, it’s just not a good idea to use a wood cutting saw for paper cutting purposes. Stick with circular saws designed for each specific task, and don’t be afraid to go for a corded model if a cordless model is too tough on your budget. What you really don’t want is to burn up your circular saw and be without an option to cut either material. Like so many others, it’s an expensive lesson to learn.

saw blade

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