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Why Should You Buy New Paper Slitting Machine without rewinder

If you are currently using Slitter Rewinders in your paper roll converting operation, you will be well aware that although they are essential, they do have some limitations and can be expensive, inefficient and labor intensive to run.So you need to buy paper slitting machine without rewinders.Why?Please continue to see our analysis about the paper roll converting industry:


Paper Roll Slitting Industry Background


Slitter rewinder machines 'convert' large rolls into smaller ones. They do this by unwinding a roll of material, slitting the web into smaller width strips then rewinding them onto new cores of the size required. In the paper, textiles and plastics industries, they have been the only way to 'convert' rolls for around a hundred years.


Paper Reel Cutting Industry Analysis


Our analysis of the converting industry demonstrates that two thirds of all roll converting requirements are for 'cut downs' (re-sizing) where a large roll only needs to be cut into smaller width rolls with no requirement for rewinding onto new cores. In a 26,000-roll study, 67% or 17,000 rolls required re-sizing only.


When we look further into this 67%, the majority of these rolls required only one cut.


56% 1 cut on the rolls

35% 2 cuts on the rolls

9% 3 cuts on the rolls


Traditional paper slitter with rewinders are inefficient and costly to run these "cut-down" orders because of the time they take to set-up, unwind and then rewind the material(especially when the roll is a light basis-weight). Rewinding the material also increases the risk of introducing tension issues into the finished rolls that can cause quality problems in downstream operations.


New Solution of YYS Paper Roll Cutting Machine without Rewinder


New paper roll cutting machine,manufactured by YYS is widely used in paper mill, packaging and printing factory. It looks same as normal sitter, but no need rewinder, which save time. Our new machine used in your factory not only can cut different width paper rolls, but also can cut the paper rolls which is soaked, wormed, bigger or special specification according to customer demands,what’s more,we can provide on-site roll paper cutting processing services.Please click to see the following video to know the paper roll cutting machine operation process:


If you want to save time get high operation efficiency in paper roll converting,please contact us without hesitation.


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