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With the continuous involvement of China’s paper saw industry, Youyuansheng Machinery has been positioned in the middle and high-end market. With the depression of the paper industry this year, customers are also very rough. Compared to the high budget of the past year, now customers have no excess budget to purchase equipment. After the whole round of visits, most of our customers reflect that they need a “people-friendly” paper saw/cutting machine, and the price can be controlled at around 20W.
After careful consideration by the leaders of the company and combined with market research, the Engineering Department of the company was asked to revise the drawings overnight, and designed a price-friendly paper saw machine, which can retain the original 2 mm paper loss function. I believe it can bring customers more choices. Customers won’t be scared away by the high price they’ve been selling for.

The improved simplified version of band saw paper machine reduces the total area used from 70 square meters to 30 square meters. The original automatic paper loading and unloading function is cancelled and replaced by holding car or lifting two ways that are similar to semi-automatic ciucular saw paper machine. The overall function may be relatively less automatic, but the price is reduced only the half of the standard version. It is quite cost-effective!

After reading the introduction of our neweat paper saw band machine above, do you have interests to get one paper saw band machine?This latest paper saw machine is on sale now.

Leave your connection under the comments. I will reply you as soon as possible.Looking forward to your inquiry!

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