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YYS Paper Cutting Machine Will Join 2017 International Packing and Printing Industry Expo Changchun China

Under the strategic background of the country's "revitalizing the northeast", the Northeast has ushered in a new round of development opportunities.So 2017 International Packing and Printing Industry Expo is going to be held in Changchun city China from 23rd to 25th June.


During this Expo,Efforts will be made to build a international procurement trade platform,not only to serve the packing and printing enterprises in North-East part,but also those factories in central and southern parts of China.See,YYS Machinery will take their own paper cutting machine products catalogue to take part in this grand Expo.

YYS Paper Cutting Machinery Expo Stand .webp


Then YYS Paper Cutting Machinery will wait for you at booth AT3,Hall 9,International Expo Center Changchun.Welcome colleagues in paper cutting industry to us and build friendly cooperation!

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