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Amazing! Corrugated paper bridge can can bear the weight of more than 500KG!

Corrugated paper has a very important role in our life, It becomes an indispensable part of our daily life. First of all, it has a good elasticity, so that the cardboard can be made without bursting, or the change of quality appearance. Secondly, it should have a good strength, and it is not easy to tear through, so the packaging made of corrugated paper is not easily damaged. Corrugated should be used for a long time and will not have any problems, and durability is a key point to measure its quality.


According to scientific experiments, corrugated paper can be made as follows: V or W type can withstand up to 500kg weight!

corrugated paper bridge.webp


"Paper Bridges" can be load-bearing: the weight of the weight on the paper is spread over the creases of the paper, and the marks bear the weight. The strength of corrugated paper is also one of the reasons why paper Bridges can carry weight.


Pollution-free, pollution-free "green packaging" has attracted worldwide attention. It can meet the requirements of breathable, moisture-proof, aseismic, anti-pressure and so on, and it is easy to recycle and use the paper packaging container without causing environmental pollution. Undoubtedly, it has broad development prospect. The development of paper packaging container depends on the development of national economy and the progress of science and technology, in some sense, it also shows the level of its technical equipment.


YYS corrugated paper cutting machine represents the latest paper cutting technology, Our machine is made with GB steel, fulling welding and security, not be deformed. All electronic components are well-known brands, which are durable, stable performence.


With the development of The Times, the constant updating of manufacturing technology and equipment, people have been using the technology of the equipment to be more sophisticated and the market needs to be more detailed, and the demand of the corrugated cardboard is expanding at a very respectable rate of geometry. The future looks bright and promising. But in the increasingly fierce market competition, science and technology constantly updated, the new packaging materials have been developed available today, corrugated board to keep themselves in the No.1 position in the packing material, the technology and equipment research and development, the improvement of the performance of the quality and expand product category rich aspects need to further improve and develop.  


In the case of increasing demand for corrugated paper, corrugated paper processing tools are also particularly important. As a professional corrugated paper cutting machine manufacturer, Kunshan Youyuansheng Manchinery Co.,Ltd. specialized in corrugated /roll paper cutting machine for corrugated & packaging industry.


YYS is always the right assistant for your paper cutting.

Our main products:

1. Production and selling the corrugated/roll paper cutting machine

2. Provide on-site roll paper cutting processing services, to cut the rolls paper which is soaked, wormed, bigger or special specification according to customer demands, also including the kraft paper, corrugated paper, white card etc.

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