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How is the common white paper produced?

In daily life, paper is an indispensable cultural item for mankind, which has a wide range of USES in daily life, study and work. The appearance of paper has promoted the progress of human civilization and changed human life, which has brought great convenience to mankind. Modern papermaking process can be divided into pulp, modulation, copying, processing, paper cutting and other major steps, the following is a general introduction.


Beating and proportioning

Beating is used with mechanical method in the paper pulp fiber broom and moderately cut off, make it has the high elasticity and plasticity. In order to improve the performance of certain features, meet the paper machine manufacture paper with pulp on the page or save the need of high quality fiber raw material, often take two or more of the loss in the process of the manufacture paper with pulp and paper pulp mixing together using process called proportioning.


Filtrating and purification

In order to improve the quality of produce the paper, the use of the efficiency of manufacture paper with pulp and paper, and after processing performance, the need to further remove residual impurities in paper material, purifing and filtrating is a final check.            


Addition of accessories

The auxiliary material consists of filler, rubber compound, color material and other chemical additives. The pulp is white in the bleached pulp and the natural color is mostly yellow or brown. However, we often need colorful paper products in our lives, which of course need to rely on accessories to help. Other chemical additives can change the nature of the paper to provide certain special uses for the paper.


Fill in

The so-called filling is the addition of water-insoluble or slightly water-soluble mineral (usually white) microfine pigments to the fiber suspension of the paper stock, so that the resulting paper has properties that are difficult to obtain when it is not filled.


Put the paper material on the Meshs

The function of the paper to meshs system is to follow the requirements of the paper machine speed and product quality, and the large stock paper stream sent by the paper feed flow system is processed by the meshs system and uniformly and stably along the paper machine banner.


Sheet formation

Sheet formation is the formation of a wet mesh by filtering water through paper stock. The formation of the mesh is accomplished under the double web grip.


Press dehydration

The wet paper mesh typically contains about 80% of water after it is drawn from the mesh roll. Pressing means that the wet web enters the nip between two press elements (commonly called press rolls) under the support of the felt and is dewatered under pressure.


Paper drying

The drying of the sheet is done in the drying section. The main function of the drying section is to evaporate and remove moisture from the wet web passed from the press section, and to increase the strength of the paper, increase the smoothness of the paper, and complete the surface sizing.


Paper press light

The calendering of the sheet is mainly done by a calender. The effect of calendering is primarily to improve the smoothness, gloss, thickness, and uniformity of the paper web.


Roll up

The role of this process is to roll the paper made into a roll. The quality of rolled paper will directly affect product quality.


Paper Sheet Finishing and Cutting

 paper cut machine.webp

The finishing of the paper sheet includes rewinding, cutting, selecting papers, counting papers, packing and storing. The complete equipment for flatbed paper is mainly a rotary cutter. YYS roll paper cutter is widely used in the cutting of various papers and is an essential machine for paper manufacturers.

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