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Analysis of working principle of paper foam press

The paper foam press is a mechanical device specially used to compress scrap paper or other similar materials into lumps. It usually adopts hydraulic technology and electronic control technology, and is equipped with safety protection devices to ensure the safety, stability and high efficiency of operation.

First, work process material preparation: First, the cardboard or other waste to be compressed needs to be cut and loaded to make it a more compact block. Compression operation: The compression operation is achieved by a compression sprocket driven by a hydraulic cylinder. The hydraulic cylinder is a device containing the cylinder barrel and the cylinder piston, which realizes the forward and backward movement of the piston through the action of the hydraulic system, so as to drive the work of the compression sprocket. The compressed mass is constantly moving under the action of the sprocket, and eventually forms a tight wrapper. Cutting or cutting: After compression is complete, the package can be cut or cut if needed to facilitate transportation and storage.

Second, automatic control paper foam press usually adopts automatic control and operation, does not require manual intervention, can be programmed according to need. In addition, the machine has a variety of safety measures, such as automatic shutdown in case of machine anomalies to prevent accidents.

The paper foam press can convert various wastes into high-density parcels, reduce the burden of waste treatment, and contribute to the cause of environmental protection. In this way, not only improve the efficiency of resource reuse, but also help reduce environmental pollution.

The above is the entire analysis of the small series, I hope to be helpful to you, remember to click on the collection and pay attention to it.

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