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Base paper cutting machine consumables saw blade can be grinding processing

The consumable saw blade of the base paper cutting machine will gradually wear out during use, and proper grinding can extend the service life of the saw blade and improve cutting efficiency and quality. You can try your own grinding treatment, but you need to pay attention to the following points:

1) Before grinding, it is necessary to clean the saw blade, remove the adhesion on the surface, and ensure that the saw blade is smooth.

2) Use a suitable grinding wheel for front corner grinding, such as using 500# or 600# grinding wheel, and then use 600# grinding wheel for external grinding and chamfering.

3) Grind in strict accordance with the original Angle of the saw blade to keep the applicable performance of the saw blade unchanged.

4) The grinding saw blade is re-tested, and the serrations are protected by transparent plastic tubes.

If you are not familiar with the grinding process or are concerned about the damage of the saw blade caused by improper operation, it is recommended that you seek professional grinding services to avoid irreparable losses to the saw blade.

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