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Circular saw cutting machine special teeth saw blade to improve what parameters

In the process of using the special blade of circular saw cutter, its performance is mainly related to its design parameters. Here are some key design parameters and their impact on saw blade performance:

1) Circular saw blade diameter D and aperture d: These two parameters determine the size of the saw blade and affect the carrying capacity and scope of application of the saw blade.

2) The number of teeth Z: the more teeth of the saw blade, the more cutting edges per unit time, the better the cutting performance. However, too many teeth may lead to reduced strength of the saw blade, small chip capacity between teeth, easy to cause the saw blade heat. Therefore, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the selection of the number of teeth according to the needs of processing quality and productivity.

3) Sawtooth Angle: The sawtooth Angle has a great impact on the cutting performance. Large front Angle can make the cutting smooth and less power consumption, low noise, small feed resistance. Woodworking milling cutters usually use large front angles, small values for hard materials and large values for soft materials.

4) Cutting speed, speed, cutting depth: These parameters need to be properly adjusted according to the characteristics of the material to reduce the wear and energy consumption of the cutting head, while ensuring cutting quality and efficiency.

5) Grinding frequency: the saw blade will gradually wear out during use, and appropriate grinding can extend the service life of the saw blade and improve cutting efficiency and quality. It is recommended to regularly check and evaluate the wear of the saw blade, and when it is found that the saw blade cuts about 500-600 knives, it should be considered for grinding.

By optimizing the above parameters, the performance of the special tooth saw blade of the circular saw cutter can be effectively improved, including improving cutting force, cutting efficiency, durability and safety. In practical applications, it also needs to be carefully adjusted and optimized according to specific working conditions and material characteristics.

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