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Base paper cutting machine cutting white paper section yellow reasons

The yellow section of the base paper cutter when cutting white paper may be caused by the following reasons:

Blade quality issues: If the blade is not sharp enough or already worn, it may generate additional heat during the cutting process, causing the paper to overheat locally and turn yellow.

Improper cutting pressure: If the cutting pressure is too large, it may also make the paper local pressure too tight, causing damage to the paper fiber, resulting in yellow section.

Paper quality problems: If the paper itself has quality problems, such as high water content or containing certain chemicals, it may also change during the cutting process, resulting in a yellow section.

Mechanical failure: If the mechanical parts inside the cutting machine fail, such as bearing damage, insufficient lubrication, etc., it may also lead to abnormal friction during the cutting process, causing heat and discoloration of the paper.

To solve this problem, you can check whether the blade is sharp, adjust the cutting pressure, ensure that the paper quality is qualified, and regularly maintain the cutting machine to check that the mechanical parts are working properly. If the problem persists, it is recommended to contact a professional maintenance service for inspection and repair.

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