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Is the circular saw cutting machine high in weight of base paper

The circular saw cutter does need to take into account the characteristics of the base paper when dealing with different grams of base paper. Smaller paper fibers are loose and easy to break, so the requirements for the section are higher, requiring accurate cutting angles, neat cutting surfaces, flat cutting surfaces and adapting to the differences in the thickness of different batches of storage paper.

In order to meet these requirements, the circular saw cutter is usually equipped with a high-precision blade, with a sharp edge, a flat section and a fast cutting speed to ensure the effect of different grams of paper rolls in the cutting process.

In addition, the circular saw cutting machine also has the function of automatic paper loading and automatic adjustment of the transmission mechanism, which can adapt to the different gram weight and different size of paper to automatically complete the process of paper loading, paper cutting, feeding, etc., improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs. The application of intelligent control system also helps to ensure the quality and stability of the production process and avoid the error caused by manual operation.

Therefore, the circular saw cutting machine has certain requirements for the gram weight of the base paper, but through the use of advanced technology and equipment, it can adapt to different gram weight of the base paper to ensure the stability of the cutting effect and production efficiency.

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