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CNC band saw paper cutting machine size? How much space is required for Installation?

Although the CNC band saw paper cutter is not very common, it is a very labor-saving and economical equipment for those in need. We need to know its specific parameters in detail when purchasing, such as the size of this machine? How much space do you need to put it? These are issues that buyers need to consider.

The CNC band saw paper cutter is an industrial equipment manufactured using a hydraulic transmission system drive. Different from the traditional foot-operated flat sheet cutting machine, the band saw paper cutter has the characteristics of more stable production operation, high straightening quality and accurate cutting. After manufacturing, it can be formed and processed with one feeding, which improves the productivity of customers. Cutting paper like such as corrugated paper, coated paper, offset paper, kraft paper, etc.

CNC Band Saw Paper Cutter Features: 1. The band saw machine adopts PLC programmable control system software and its touch screen to complete the operation of the strip line, and has multiple functions such as data programming, data display, length setting, automatic counting, and speed adjustment. 2. The electric control system of the slitting machine is mainly composed of an electrical cabinet, a workbench and its detection components. Intelligent systems can complete automated production at a high level, which can reduce labor costs for customers. 3. Excellent technical experience. The strip slitting production line integrates mechanical and electrical engineering fluids, with simple structure, good combination, convenient use, easy installation and maintenance, and excellent cost performance.

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