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How to deal with abnormal noise in the work of paper cutting machine?

The paper cutting machine is mainly used for changing the size of the paper width、uneven face、soak paper-cylinder trimming and slitting etc.

During long-term use of mechanical equipment , inevitably , there will be many problems. So,in the process of using the roll paper saw machine , how to repair and dispose abnormal noise ?

There are several reasons for the abnormal noise from the roll paper saw machine:

  • The location of the cutting belt is inaccurate. → Check the use of the cutting belt ;
  • The surfacedirtof the cut wheel is too thick. → Clean the external dust with a fine gauze, whether the bearing is damaged, or without lubricating oil ;
  • The surface of the cutting belt is too rough;
  • Check if the cutting rack or cutting belt is sharp, and the cutting belt is not bend;
  • The cutting belt is not tight → Tight the cutting belt, clockwise and anticlockwise rotation the cutting belt, based on the middle of the cutting wheels.

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