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What are the factors affecting the paper cutting machine working efficiency?

The efficiency of the paper cutting machine is related to the following factors : slitting speed, output, automated production, stability etc. Cutting speed is the most critical factor in improving the efficiency of the machine, low yield can lead to low productivity and higher costs.

If operation takes a long time, such as machine adjustment, tool settings, tool changes, data changing, splicing, rollers changing and problem handling, it is nonsensical to increased cutting speed. Considering from the stability, it affects working efficiency, production quality and bring more problems. Consequently, the efficiency of the paper cutting machine is a comprehensive concept.

A stable system during the cutting process is an important indicator to guaranteed product quality. Control the tension between rolling, cutting, winding to make sure paper tubes in a stable state in the production process. It can prevent the deformation and movement of paper tubes during the machine acceleration and deceleration if the tension is properly controlled. Typically the unwinding tension is slightly greater than the sum of the bobbin winding tensions.

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