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Export Corrugated Carton Design Essentials


Over the years, there have always been needs to send goods in a package. And different materials have been in use to make boxes to package goods for safe delivery at various locations. Finally, corrugated carton became popular, and it is here to stay. However, there has been an increase in the industrial activities primarily in the manufacturing sector, which needs corrugated packaging to carry, protect, and transport goods.


The Rise in the Demand for Corrugated Carton

The wholesale and retail applications have boosted these value-added corrugated cartons because they provide an easy packing solution for products. Consequently, there is an increase in its demand and the design also needs to be improved on to enhance the cartons’ functionality, irrespective of the distance they will be carried.

The design of a corrugated carton is crucial to its functionality and, sometimes, aesthetics. The design’s focus should primarily be on its functionality, which must meet the expected performance in line with the end-use requirements.


The Design Essentials

The selection process of the right export corrugated carton design for a particular product has become more complicated due to the ever-growing technologies and material that present a serious challenge. Because of this, the onus is on the designer to consider necessary factors that are pertinent to the design and production of the corrugated carton that is expected to be 100% functional and guarantee safe packaging of goods until delivered to the final destination.

When designing corrugated export carton, here are the factors that must be considered for performance, efficiency, and functionality.

Corrugated Carton Design

1. Moisture Factor

Corrugated cartons will, undoubtedly, pass through several hands and cover many miles exposed to the elements. The materials to be used in the design must consider the elements, meaning that the material should be waterproof to a reasonable degree without compromising its integrity.

2. Load Conversion Factor 

Another factor that is crucial to the export corrugated carton design is the creating a carton that will be strong enough to efficiently carry the goods packed in it without breaking or tearing off. In view of this, the weight of the goods a particular export corrugated carton can conveniently carry without damaging will be calculated and factored into its production.

3. Safety Factor

The design of a corrugated export carton must factor in possible hazards the carton may be exposed to during transportation. The carton must not be perforated, except it is meant to protect the goods it will carry.

4. Size Factor

The size of the box will be determined and measured for product fit (internal dimensions) or palletizing or machinery handling (external dimensions).

Having considered all the above factors that determine the reliability, performance, and safety of the carton, and it has been produced, it will be shipped knocked down (flat) to the packager who will set up the box and seals it for shipment of goods.

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