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How does the base paper saw define the good and bad quality of the product

The good and bad of paper saw equipment can usually be defined from those aspects, and today we will take a look at the product quality of the base paper saw machine can be evaluated from the following aspects.

Mechanical function test: check whether the various parts of the machine can work properly, including the motor, transmission system, blades, etc.

Safety testing: Ensure that all safety devices, such as emergency stop buttons, shields, etc. are effective in protecting the operator and the surrounding environment.

Accuracy test: Check the accuracy of the sawing to ensure that the size of the paper meets the requirements.

Speed test: Evaluate the speed of the machine to ensure that it can meet the requirements of production efficiency.

Stability test: Run for a long time to test the stability and durability of the machine.

Noise and vibration test: check whether the noise and vibration generated by the machine during operation are within the acceptable range.

Energy consumption testing: Evaluate the energy consumption of the machine to optimize the energy efficiency ratio.

Equipment laser life: the theoretical time of the base paper cutting machine laser is 100,000 hours, 24 hours a day work also has to use 10 years, some do relatively poor, a year are not used laser parts, slightly better about 2 years, are relatively stable.

After-sales service: after-sales service is an inevitable consideration for any mechanical equipment, and the base paper cutting machine is no exception, and the efficiency and attitude of the machine after sale is also one of the quality assessments of the base paper cutting machine.

The above standards can help users judge the quality of the base paper saw machine and choose the equipment suitable for their needs.


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