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What are the common faults of paper foam baler

As the equipment used with the base paper saw machine, many customers will encounter some problems in the process of reuse and do not know how to solve them. Today, Xiaobian will summarize it through this article.

1. Mechanical failure: For example, the failure of the turntable part may be caused by the hot sealing part of the package, or the poor fixing of the turntable. In addition, there are some mechanisms can not start, may be due to the motor and wiring broken, fuse burned, gear connection screws, keys and other reasons caused by loosening.

2, electrical failure: for example, the heat sealing roller current is too large or the fuse is blown, may be due to the short circuit in the electric heater or the heat sealing line is short circuit. There is also a heat sealing roller is not hot, may be due to the heating wire burned, blown fuse or temperature control failure. In addition, the temperature can not be controlled, the temperature is too high, may be due to poor contact or damage between the thermocouple and the roller, or there is a fault inside the temperature controller.

3, operation problems: for example, the film material pulled or knotted, may be due to the film tightness is not appropriate or the quality of the film material. The sealing is not firm, which may be caused by improper setting of parameters such as temperature, sealing time, and sealing pressure.

4, improper maintenance: If the paper foam baler is improperly maintained, it may also lead to various failures. For example, machine clogging may be caused by the winding of packaging materials, at which time it is necessary to check the winding device, clean up any debris, and ensure that the material device is working properly.

The above are some common faults of the paper foam baler and their possible causes. The specific fault diagnosis and solution need to be judged and processed according to the actual situation. If you encounter problems that cannot be solved by yourself, it is recommended to contact professional maintenance personnel for maintenance.

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