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How to prevent spontaneous combustion during cutting

Many customers in the purchase of paper roll cutting saw, there is a small worry in the heart, high-speed cutting will produce Mars resulting in the occurrence of spontaneous combustion of paper rolls. At the beginning of the design of the paper roll cutting saw equipment, whether it has taken this into account to avoid solving it, we will analyze it together.

Choose the right blade: Use a saw blade with a cooling hole, or a device that can add water or other coolant to reduce the temperature of the saw blade.

Control the number of teeth of the saw blade: Reduce the number of teeth of the saw blade to reduce resistance and reduce the possibility of burning the saw blade.

Timely cleaning of sawdust: equipped with dust suction equipment during use, timely cleaning of sawdust generated when sawing wood to prevent sawdust spontaneous combustion damage to the equipment.

Check the quality of raw materials: Avoid using poor quality wood, as wood with too many impurities may cause the saw blade to burn.

Check the equipment status regularly: Conduct a comprehensive inspection of the cutting tools to ensure that the equipment is in good condition and has no hidden trouble.

Keep the work site free of flammable substances: Ensure that the work site is free of flammable substances, maintain good ventilation, and avoid combustible accumulation.

Operator training: Conduct safety training for operators to ensure that they are familiar with the procedures for using cutting tools and can operate the equipment correctly and safely.

Use of fire protection equipment: select the appropriate type of fire extinguisher, and regularly check its pressure and effectiveness, ensure that the location of fire protection facilities is reasonable, easy to access, and regular maintenance and inspection.

Develop safety operation procedures: clearly specify operation steps, safety precautions and emergency measures to ensure that employees are familiar with and comply with.

Regular inspection and supervision: check and supervise the implementation of the operating procedures, and correct non-standard operations in time.

Through the above measures, the risk of spontaneous combustion of the paper roll cutting saw during use can be effectively prevented. Did you learn? For customers who already have equipment, you can check the shortcomings from the above points.

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