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How to dust the surface of the basic band saw paper cutter after cutting

After the cutting operation with the basic band saw cutter, some paper scraps and dust are usually produced, which not only affect the appearance quality of the product, but also may pose a threat to the health of the operator. In order to effectively remove these dust after cutting, the following measures can be taken:

Reasonable design of the cutting disc: the dust collection device should be set inside the cutting disc to absorb and collect dust in time to reduce the spread of dust.

Installation of ventilation equipment: By increasing the air circulation and exchange volume, the dust concentration can be reduced and the working environment can be improved.

Use a vacuum cleaner or cleaning equipment: Choose the right vacuum cleaner or cleaning equipment, selectively reduce dust diffusion, and timely treatment of the already scattered cutting paper and dust.

Regular maintenance and cleaning: The paper cutter is regularly maintained and cleaned to ensure the normal operation of the machine and reduce the accumulation of dust.

The combination of the above measures can effectively improve work efficiency, protect the cleanliness of the working environment, and ensure the health and safety of the operator.

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