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Why are base paper boosters rechargeable lithium batteries so expensive

Base paper booster is a seemingly inconspicuous thing, why the customer’s reaction after the offer is too expensive, rechargeable lithium battery is expensive, the main reasons include the following:

The lithium battery itself has a high cost: the positive electrode material of lithium batteries is usually rare metals, such as lithium cobaltate, nickel, lithium manganate, etc., and the price of these raw materials is relatively high.

High production costs: The production of lithium batteries involves complex processes and high-precision equipment, as well as late technology development costs. In addition, compared with traditional lead-acid batteries, the production scale and technical maturity of lithium batteries are low, which also increases its cost.

Long cycle life: The cycle life of lithium batteries is usually 2-3 times that of lead-acid batteries, which means that they can provide longer service, thus making up for the cost of the initial investment to some extent.

High safety requirements: due to the more active chemical properties of lithium batteries, once improperly handled or damaged, it may cause fire or explosion. Therefore, the manufacture and use of lithium batteries need to strictly comply with safety standards, which also increases its cost.

Market demand and supply conditions: If the market demand for lithium base paper boosters is greater than the supply, or there is a bottleneck in the supply chain, it will also lead to price increases.

In summary, the high price of the base paper booster can be charged with lithium is the result of a variety of factors.

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