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How To Select The Right Sawdust Baler

Compressing sawdust particles conveniently requires a well-designed machine.

Sawdust baler happens to be one of the most suitable machines that can conveniently compress sawdust particles.

However, it is essential the right one for the right work. Otherwise, the machine fails to produce the desired results.

To select the right sawdust baler, there are factors you need to consider. These factors are essential to consider because they determine the kind of result you will get from your investment.

1. Compressing Force

The compressing force of the machine determines how the machine will compress the sawdust to the required standard. On average, the compressing force should be directly above 80 tons.

Any baler that does not have the required compressing force will not be able to generate the required force to push the sawdust through the chamber. If it manages to push through, the overload on the motor will reduce the durability of the machine.

2. Chamber size

The chamber size of the machine is another key factor to consider. Every bale weight requires a certain size of the chamber to function optimally. A smaller chamber size requires smaller material to push through the chamber, while a bigger chamber requires more materials to push through it.

For instance, a baler with a baler weight of 80 tons of compressing force is suitable for a chamber size of 700 x 310mm with a 400 x 300mm ejecting chamber. Anything more than this dimension requires more compressing force to handle the work.

Sawdust Baler

3. Protection Cover

It is common to see sawdust flying everywhere at the operation site. To handle this challenge, select a machine that has a protection cover at the end of the hopper. The protection cover will help in holding the particles in the baler.

With the protection cover, the amount of flying sawdust particles will reduce. The level of contamination at the operation site will also reduce. There are different kinds of protection cover. It is advisable to go for the one that will work best for you.

4. Easy Maintenance

Every machine requires both regular and periodic maintenance for optimal performance. Sawdust baler requires maintenance like every other machine. However, it is essential to choose the one that does not require high maintenance costs.

A quality sawdust baler requires small maintenance costs. It is essential to contact a reputable manufacturer that understands the dynamics of the machines. With them, you are sure of your investment and easy maintenance costs.

5. Quality

The quality of the machine is another factor you should not ignore. Check the quality of the metal used to construct it. If the material is inferior, the lifespan of the machine will be short. On the other hand, a quality material guarantees a long lifespan of the machine.

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