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Paper Slitting Machine Benefits And Maintenance

Paper slitting machine is mechanical equipment that is used in the cutting of wide paper, thin film into narrow strips materials. It is usually used in the papermaking industries, printing and packing industries.

The main feature of the paper slitting machine includes the magnetic powder clutch which resists the output DC voltage. It can control small tension and its major benefit is that the device is passive, and the machine is suitable for striping rewinding operations of all kinds of ribbons.

The magnetic clutch controls the coiling tensions, it can also count automatically, controls speed automatically, and also turns the shaft automatically. Its efficiency and precision are high.

Advantages of paper slitting machine

1. The major engines are driven by variable frequency operators

2. Magnetic powder equipment is adopted for automatic control of unwinding and automatic controls of speed and tension are initiated.

3. Automatic knife configure and meter counting

4. Packaging and filming is automatic

5. The whole machine is controlled by PLC


Maintaining a paper slitting machine

The paper slitting machine is usually inspected, and grease oil is being applied for the lubrication of each moving part of the machine. While inspecting the paper slitting machine ensure you use appropriate tools and adopt standard scientific operational methods.

The paper slitting machine should be properly inspected and cleaned more than twice in weeks, in case the machine will not be in use for some weeks, the bright part of the machine should be wiped cleaned and coated with rust-proof oils and all the machine should be covered with plastic sleeve.

Moreover, if the machine is shut down for more than 2 months the rust-proof oil should be replaced or coated with damp-proof paper, after this has been applied the moving part of the machine that is exposed should be thoroughly cleaned, lubricated, and covered properly

paper slitting machine

The following points listed below should be used to maintain the paper slitting machine which includes;

1. The electrical parts of the machine should be cleaned and well inspected daily to avoid unforeseen dangers.

2. The paper slitting machine uses sharp objects such as longitudinal cutters and cross-cutting machines for cutting or slitting the paper, these cutters must be checked for bluntness daily, so as not to waste resources.

3. The paper slitting machine should be daily maintained because the criteria for moving and sliding parts of the machine are smooth and well-cleaned surfaces to ensure the proper functioning of those parts.

4. It will be of great benefit when you inspect and cleaning the rotational parts regularly and irregularly, and also regular repairing or replacing and adjustments of the rotational parts, use commutators.

5. Always ensure you record each part of the machine that is maintained, repaired, adjusted, or replace to ensure the long life service of the machine.

6. The technical quality of the operating personnel must be improved most especially the carbon cutter machine and the local machines operators, which is they must all be professional; permission is need before operating the machine.


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