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Types of Paper Produced Using Paper Roll Cutting Machines

Over the years, packaging papers, which are the main raw materials for paper roll cutting machines, have evolved so greatly. This evolution, you can tell turns out to be an area that may seem very overwhelming for various packaging paper users.


For this reason, a lot of people are rather scared to take the leap into purchasing the right paper for their job since they may not have an idea of what to expect from each paper type.


Well, in case you have once found yourself in this type of condition or you are currently going through such hard decision to make, take a deep breath because you have come to the right place.


And just before we dive deep into what the various packaging papers you will need for your packaging paper production need will look like, here is a quick reminder “always ensure that you source your paper roll cutting machines from a reputable manufacturer.”


By so doing, you will be sure that you are investing in a machine that is well designed to handle the job at hand.


Without much ado, let’s quickly look at the various types of roll packaging paper with the pros and cons of each type of paper.


1. Corrugated sheet or Corrugated fiberboard

Notable about corrugated paper is the fact that is usually consist of either one or two flat lining boards as well as a fluted corrugated sheet. Corrugated sheets are usually made using corugators or flute lamination machines, and they are mostly employed during the manufacture of boxes for shipping.


Corrugated sheets are usually referred to as cardboard. However, cardboard tends to be a heavier board made of paper-pulp.  In the design and manufacture of corrugated sheet, they are usually made of kraft board, which is a paperboard material with a thickness above 0.25mm (0.01) inches.


Despite the thickness of corrugated sheets, they are non-food grades, and shouldn’t be used for packaging food materials. However, if there is a need for them to used as a food packaging material, lamination is usually required


Most outstanding about corrugated paper is the fact that they are majorly employed in the production of folding cartons and packing boxes, which are known to be an alternative packing material for materials due to its high tensile strength.

 papaer roll cutting machine

2. Cardboard

Cardboards are usually regarded as being made majorly from recycled papers, hence the phrase “made up of a flute” since they are hybrids of two liners. However, in recent times, these liners are composed majorly of recycled materials, which are sourced from second hand paper materials or from old cardboards.


Just like other types of paper materials, cardboards vary greatly in their thickness, and this makes their application, durability, and strength to vary widely in the same order. Just like corrugated sheets, cardboards are non-food grade. Hence, the need to laminate then if to be used as a food packaging material.

Besides these two types of packaging paper used in a paper roll cutting machine, there are other wide range of packaging paper materials as shall be considered subsequently with both their advantages and disadvantages just as we have done here.


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