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What aspects of the use of the base paper trimming machine need special attention

Base paper trimming machine is widely used in paperboard factories, mainly dealing with some problems such as wet water on the end face and indentation on the end face during transportation. Of course, in the process of using the base paper trimming machine, special attention should be paid to the following aspects:

Cutting width: Adjust the cutting width according to the thickness and type of paper, thick paper needs a wide cutting width, thin paper needs a narrow cutting width. Cutting thickness: Set the appropriate cutting thickness according to the process and equipment conditions. Cutting speed: Control the appropriate cutting speed to avoid too fast resulting in uneven or broken cuts, too slow may shorten the tool life and reduce productivity. Tool wear: Check and replace tools regularly to ensure cutting quality.

Second, to prevent indentation check the quality of the base paper: to ensure that the base paper does not have the problem of uneven tightness or insufficient edge protection materials, which may lead to indentation when the trimming machine works. Trim knife condition: keep trim knife sharp and no wear, trim or replace if necessary. Adjust the contact Angle and pressure: properly adjust the contact Angle and pressure between the trimming knife and the base paper to avoid indentation caused by excessive extrusion. Pressure mechanism check: Ensure that the pressure mechanism can provide enough pressure to smooth the paper surface, and increase the pressure moderately if necessary, but avoid excessive increase. Maintenance and maintenance: keep the equipment in good running condition, clean and lubricated regularly, and preheat and adjust the equipment to prevent damage caused by equipment expansion or overheating.

Third, safe operation check the tool: check whether the tool has cracks or damage before operation, and replace the damaged tool in time. Tool and workpiece separation: Ensure that the tool is not in contact with the workpiece before opening the tool. Hand protection: Keep hands away from rotating parts to avoid cutting. Idle test: Allow the tool to idle for a period of time before machining the workpiece. Tool storage: Do not place the tool on the ground or workbench at will, only when holding the tool can operate. Remove after stopping the tool: Close the tool and wait for the tool to stop completely before removing the tool. Pay attention to the rotation direction: pay attention to the rotation direction and feed direction of the tool during work. Use protective equipment: Wear protective earplugs during continuous use. Operation after cooling: Do not touch the tool or its surrounding parts immediately after the end of the work to prevent burns.

The above measures help to ensure the efficient and safe operation of the base paper trimming machine, but also to ensure the quality of the paper products.

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