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What special treatment should be done before the saw machine cuts irregular rolls of paper

Before cutting irregular rolls with a paper saw, you need a series of special handling and preparation work to ensure that the cutting process is smooth and safe. Here are some key steps:

1) Check the state of the equipment to carry out a comprehensive visual inspection of the paper saw machine to ensure that there is no obvious damage or dirt. If the problem is found, the maintenance personnel should be notified in time for maintenance. Check that all fittings and fasteners are in tight condition to prevent accidents caused by loosening during cutting.

2) Check the mechanical properties Check the lubrication of the saw machine to ensure that the appropriate amount of lubricating oil is applied to all parts, and there is no poor lubrication. For machines that have not been used for a long time, it is also necessary to check whether there is rust, and carry out the corresponding cleaning and oiling treatment. Check the exhaust system of the machine to ensure that the exhaust port is unimpeded, so as not to affect the normal operation of the machine. Check the electrical system to ensure that power cables are properly connected and switches are functioning properly. At the same time, check whether the safety protection devices can work properly, such as safety locks and safety doors.

3) Adjust the equipment Settings according to the specific size and shape of the paper roll, adjust the cutting parameters of the saw machine, such as cutting width, blade Angle and feeding speed, to meet the cutting needs of irregular paper rolls.

4) Clean the equipment and surrounding environment before cutting, thoroughly clean the surface and inside of the paper saw machine, remove any dust and debris, in order to keep the equipment clean and sanitary. Clean key components such as feeding wheels and cutting blades to ensure that they do not affect cutting accuracy and efficiency due to contamination during cutting. Clear the work area to ensure that there are no obstructions so that operators can safely perform cutting operations.

With the above steps, you can ensure that the saw machine is in perfect condition before cutting irregular rolls, thereby improving cutting efficiency and product quality while ensuring operator safety.

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